East European Comic Con experience 

Bucharest has a lot to offer with the help of  people who are open-minded and wish to raise their city up to the level of big European or even USA cities (thank you, Mircea Muresan!). From restaurants, coffee shops, festivals to conventions, Bucharest is growing in a year as much as other cities in seven!😎 

Last weekend, the East European Comic Con (EECC) convention took place in Bucharest at Romexpo, a smaller European version of the world famous Comic Con San Diego International. The event was established in Romania in 2013 and has grown ever since. EECC is an event dedicated to comic book lovers, movies and TV series addicts and Sci-Fi, fantasy or anime fans. It’s a place where people with similar interests and passions get to know each other, have fun and even get to meet their favourite artists, actors or authors (and I mean really get to meet them 😱 take a picture with them, get an autograph and listen to their stories at pannel interviews). 

Yes, you got it! It is a place for geeks, super cool geeks, so if you’re not interested in these kind of things or you’re not open to the experience, better stay home and not ruin our mojo with your negativity 😎 We are around 38,000 geeks looking forward go being geekish 🤓 (as per comic-con.ro’s statistics in 2016), I am a geek and I am proud of it!

Until now actors from Supernatural (Crowley and Kevin), Lord of the rings (Gimli, Radagast), Game of thrones (Ser Loras Tyrell, Khal Drogo, Hodor, Tywin Lannister, Jaquen H’gar, Meera Reed, Osha), Star Gate (Teal’c), Spartacus (Crixus) or Prison Break (T-Bag) attended the East European Comic con convention. I was happy every time an actor said that it was a big surprise to see how “up to date” the Romanians are, how well they know English and how friendly and welcoming they are. See below my •look at me I am so proud• pictures.

On the plus side, tickets for 3 days access and for photos or autographs with/from your favourite actors are rather acceptable (approx eur 20 each), while on the bad side, the low fares don’t help the organizers to bring main character actors to the event 😞 (a photo with a main character is above eur 50 at similar events in Europe or the US). However, fingers crossed for 2018 to be even better and bigger so that main characters will be interested in joining.

So we have your favourite actors from comics, movies or tv shows, but how about the idea that you can be in their shoes for a day or two? 

Another interesting and fun part of the event is the cosplay (wearing a costume) part. You can dress up like your favourite character  – the level of details of the costume is up to you (you can be a beginner or a pro), or you can be part of the public and enjoy the view! Either way, it is awsome! Please take a look at the cool costumes below (source: East European Comic Con FB page, pics taken by super cool photographers). These guys were amazing!!! (and just a smal part of the cosplayers at the convention).

As a true comic con participant, this year I was a cosplayer myself (2nd year in a row) and I was Daenerys Targaryen from HBO’s hit TV show Game of Thrones (last year I was Harley Quinn; no I don’t want to grow up!). Looking forward to 2018’s cosplay, considering how much inspiration I had this year from other participants.


Pause for a second: I would like to thank my dear cousin Mara Ioana (make-up artist), Cufarul Fermecat (GOT costume) and Atelier Mayra (Harley costume) and special thanks to me because I painted Harley’s baseball bat🎉 and to my lovely boys who helped me by holding my phone, my bag and by standing in line for food and drinks

Third best part of the convention was the street food vans that offered a variety of food (until 2017 we only had a single food option)! So thumbs up for improving the conditions at Comic Con!

Another point of interest is the merchandise area where you can buy old comic books, fan t-shirts, action figures, boardgames, funny mugs, jewelry etc. I, for one, like to buy from a Hungaryan company Game of thrones figures (each year I try to complete my collection…I know I am an addict…).

In conclusion, we have the following summary of pro’s and con’s.


+ excellent atmosphere, cool, happy, funny, friendly and interesting people

+ the chance to meet your favourite actor and take a picture with him

+ fan collectables

+ the chance to see awsome costumes

+ good food and music

+ affordable ticket prices

+ gaming area

+ the organizers really listen to every feedback and yearly they try to make this event better and better (and they succeed)


– really crowded halls (during saturday when the peak of visitors is reached you feel you cannot breathe)

– long lines at the food trucks (the food is made on the spot so you have to wait a while)

So, if I made you interested in this super event and you want to be part of our beautiful community, follow East European Comic Con Facebook page and keep an eye out for 2018’s event! For all of you who attended Comic Con, can’t wait to see you again next year!

Valar morghulis,


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