Games for brains – part I

This year spring seems to be fashionably late. Apparently mother nature wanted to show us that it can fit all seasons into one week. So it’s back to square one, respectively back to winter coats and boots (and the next minute to sunglasses and flats). What could you do to pass time during these cold rainy days?

I have for you a cool option for having fun with friends indoors: boardgames.

Firstly, boardgames are really trending right now, slowly replacing old social games such as cards. They are mostly mistaken for games for kids, however you can choose from a variety of games for adults as well. They aren’t expensive and when you split the costs with your friends, it’s even better! A suggestion: after you played a boardgame several times, you can sell it or trade it for a new one (less space for big boxes and a better management of cash).

I can give you several examples of really fun games which I’ve tried (avg. of 1-2 hours per game, which I find acceptable): Catan, Carcassonne, Camel up, Saboteur, Mysterium, Cards against humanity,Dixit, Concordia, Citadels, Ticket to ride  – super simple to understand the rules (I would suggest to start first with Dixit, Cards agains humanity and Carcassonne). Of course, you can choose a higher difficulty by looking at strategy boardgames such as Game of thrones or World of Warcraft (a couple of good hours per game).

You can buy these boardgames online or even from Carturesti (store in Bucharest). You can take your time and read the rules before you buy them (best to know if you are going to enjoy playing that boardgame).

Add some snacks, sweets, drinks and music on the background, your friends and bam! you got yourself an exciting and fun evening (minimum costs implied).

Pro’s: fun with friends, strategy, real socializing and 1 on 1 communication (and not via FB or Instagram);

Con’s: the number of players vary from game to game, some time is needed to understand the rules (someone has to sacrifice and start reading the rule book).

If you are already a fan of boardgames, which is your favourite?😊

Let the games begin!


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