Furry paws

Due to the nature of my job, I can’t go to work dressed up however I please, as the office rules imply a simple, but elegant outfit that cannot draw too much attention. I like to call this type of outfit, the Zara and Mango dress code:)

However, I get bored respecting the normality, thus I like to experiment with things I fall in love with. For this case, my new obsession was a pair of unusual flats…furry flats🐾. I saw that,recently, the internet has exploded with furry high heels (mostly black fur), furry splippers (the well knows furry slippers from Gucci that nobody wants to know how much they cost) and I told myself that I could never wear such things. Well, never say never, because I was window shopping one night, after a hard day at work, and I fell in love with a pair of flats with, ofc, fur:)  not to mention that they also have two ears at the top of the fur (so adorable). 

The reactions are different, some people said that I am out of my mind for buying these shoes, other say that they are wonderful. It is a matter of taste, which cannot be discussed. 

The weather outside is pleasant, therefore I had to take my new babies out for a walk. Because they are already the center of attention, I built my outfit around them. Simple tones of black and army green and a matching mini bag were just purfect (all from local retailers).  It was great to step out of the ordinary, to be comfortable in something that I like and to be different for a day:)

What is your outfit that you have never thought you could wear and you are now in love with?



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