Delightful breakfast in Bucharest

So we talked about fantastic brunch places and where to find them in Bucharest, but how about a perfect place for a delightful fresh breakfast in a cool oriental themed restaurant?

Divan is a beautiful turkish restaurant located in the north side of Bucharest – Calea Floreasca. Even if you don’t fancy turkish food, I bet you will love their breakfast: turkish omlette, fresh vegetables, olives, pita bread, turkish tea (it is great!it’s the only tea I like) and as dessert sweet cream (“caimac”) with honey!❤ Please note that you can have free “refills” for tea and pita bread!👌🏻 

The price-quality ratio is excellent, because all of the above will cost you EUR 8. If you also add a cappucino (they also have very good coffee☕️), you can put another EUR 3.

So, if you get sick or all the benedict eggs from the brunch places and you feel the need for a healthier choice of breakfast, head out to Divan! (

Unfortunately, I can’t give you any tips regarding the other dishes that they serve because I don’t like turkish food, but my friends say that all the food here is good!😉

Hope you like this place! Hint hint: you can serve the breakfast menu even at 1 or 2 pm! (great service! if you are lazy during weekends😴)

Have a lovely morning,


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