Rumor has it that leather is the new denim

No matter if you like to dress casual, elegant or sexy, leather can find its way to be a perfect part of your outfit. It is just a small touch of badass that every woman has inside her. 

Stores offer a variety of leather items from small tops/corsets to sexy dresses, skinny pants, leggins and jackets. 

For a simple look, apparently this year’s trend is to accesorieze a plain T-shirt with a leather corset or strappy dress.

However, for a night outfit you can’t go wrong with a leather little black dress or skirt and a matchig leather trench. The nights are young and so are we, so go ahead and rock the night away!🤘🏻 If you want to go the extra mile, to be bad to the bone, don’t forget your cool fishnets and chocker. Ofc some of you already started to roll your eyes just picturing the “dirty” outfit and I can undestand why, but a woman with the right attitude and self confidence can perfectly nail such an outfit without being considered “cheap”. 

I am in love with leather items so I started my little collection from corsets to jackets. And it’s still an on-going process😎😉

For tonight’s outfit, I went for a rock’n roll look: leather shorts, black top, leather trench and over the knee black boots. I also wanted to match my look with the lovely grey and moody weather that we have this weekend:)  I don’t do well with rain because I don’t know if I want to sleep or not and I go through different stages of happy and sad – like any other woman😅

So if you are also upset because of the rain, just keep calm and put another dime in the jukebox baby!


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