Top 5 fashion events this weekend Feb2017

The weekend is getting close so if you don’t have any plans, quickly check out the new post for some cool ideas😎

So what if you didn’t got the chance to go to Paris, Milan, London or New York’s fabulous fashion week, you can still have a blast at the fashion fairs which take place in Bucharest this weekend. So gather your girlfriends and start planning your shopping itinerary❤👗👠👛 In case of such events, better to arrive early with a pillow face (to get the best of the best).

Find below the top 5 events this weekend😍😍😍

1. Half is free – free entrance!😱 lots of discounts🎉

And the list of designers attending this event💜

2. Dichisar – free entrance!😎 The description of the event sums it up👭🛍🎀🍷

3. Fashion weekend hosted by Band of Creators📸 “So how was your weekend?/Full of fashion shows”🤤😎

4. Jewelry fair – you can never have to many accessories😇

5.  Martisor fair  – just perfect for getting ready for 1st of March👌🏻☀️

Where will you go first?!?🤗 Tell in the comment section below.

Happy shopping💋💋💋,


Note: none of the above photos are mine

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