Toledo – city escape

When in Madrid don’t miss the chance to take a day trip to Toledo. A little medieval town with narrow paved streets and lots of local souvenir shops that sell armours and swords, perfect for getting you in the atmosphere of that time. It is a great city escape🌟😎

The trip to Toledo from Madrid is extremely easy. You can reach this little town in 40 minutes by bus or by train, the only difference being the price (EUR 9 vs. EUR 20). The train station is at Atocha metro station and the bus station at Plaza Eliptica metro station (again good metro connection in Madrid).

In Toledo don’t be afraid to take a taxi up to the city center and ask the driver to take you to see the panoramic view of Toledo (EUR 3,5). An alternative is the bus, but not such a rewarding trip (EUR 1,4).

Not many things to visit, but I would recommend Cathedral Primada (it is really impressive and beautiful; EUR 10). Just take your time to wonder the streets, enjoy every little detail from the arhitecture of budings to the wonderful doors (yes doors! I love doors😍) and in the end take a walk on the bridge of San Martin.

I loved the streets of Toledo and I really miss them, but fortunately Romania has a small similar offer: Brasov combined with Sighisoara. So for twice the time, I can reach these two towns (because roads in Romania…until you reach Sighisoara by car, you could take a plane to London and have a drink there) and try to have a similar experience. 

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