Madrid – Places to eat

During vacations I like to eat a good brunch after a late morning sleep (no snoozing button🎉🎉🎉; sleep till 11💜), to drink a big cup of coffee to get me going through the day (a lot of walking ofc, so my body needs fuel⛽️☕️). However, a more consistent meal is needed for a passionate traveler such as myself, so anything with a juicy good quality meat and a glass of sangria is just perfect🍷.  Therefore, in my view, two meals a day are enough. Find below the places I checked out during my stay in Madrid which deserve a 🔝 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

1. Federal Cafe – great brunch, good coffee, hipsterish place (I loved it).

We had eggs florentine, bagel with ham and cheese and sweet onion, scrambled eggs, french toast with caramelized bananas, nutella and ice-cream, cappucino and water – total EUR 33.

Metro station: Tribunal.

2. Mu! – “el placer de la carne”. Just like it’s motto, you can guess that the meat is excellent (brought from Argentina). It is a very small place, so even if it’s full, the wait will definetly pay off in the end (you can leave your number and they will call you as soon as one table comes available; great customer service).

We had a juicy medium-well done black angus steak (one was enough for both of us) served with a delicious meat sauce called chimichurri and salad, a big bottle of water – EUR 25.

Metro station: Gran Via/Sol.

3. La Bicicleta Cafe – traditional spanish omlette (very interesting combination of omlette with potatoes, very yummy😊), good coffee, delicious philadelphia cream cheese and guacamole👌🏻. Total EUR 33.

The place doesn’t say much (looks like a bodega), but the food is excellent!

Metro station: Tribunal.

4. Crepes and Waffles – you can’t just pass by these amanzing desserts without trying them❤😱. And the second best part is that they have salted crepes as well😎 The bill was around EUR 15.

Metro station: Bilbao.

5. Mur Cafe – hidden gem of Madrid❤. It is actually hidden, because I almost missed it thinking that it is an abandoned building. Thank God for the sign that said “Open”. At first when I entered I had my doubts, but walking up the stairs I saw the most romantic room ever. Small tables, just for two, in front of small, white windows overlooking a garden – very burjois👑😍. The perfect setting for your morning coffee❤☕️. Price EUR 15 (2 big cups of cappucino, a bagel and scrambled eggs).

Metro station: Plaza de Espana.

6. Taverna de Colono – a more serious restaurant, perfect for a nice romantic atmosphere. They serve good wine, a delicious burger (home made, their recipe) and 🔝 picanha with fries. Also good cheese cake as dessert. Total EUR 35 (including wine). 100% recommend it😎

Metro station: Bilbao.

7. Le pain quotidiene – it is well known for its good pastry. I also tried it in Barcelona. Price – EUR 33.

Metro station: Tribunal.

8. Gourmet Experience – the food court located at the 9th floor of El Corte Ingles (Gran Via). It offers gourmet street food❤ and an incredible view of Gran Via and Capitol building. You just have to catch a table:) Total EUR 15 (don’t get scared of the name Gourmet; you can also just drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful view😎).

Metro station: Gran Via.

So that was my food experience in Madrid. I like to keep things simple and to eat what I know I already like, so not much of a fan of trying new types of food😎 I am a girl that loves her sweet cappucino sweet and her burger medium-well done😍😊.

Please tell me if there are other cool places in Madrid, to add them on my list when I return🤗 Don’t forget to follow me on instagram (ralucisb) for more posts📩



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