Bienvenidos a Madrid – part 1

Madrid is a city full of life. I didn’t know what to expect, because I am the No.1 fan of Barcelona so everything compared to it just fades away. Having said that, I found that Madrid has its own magic, it’s more serious than Barcelona, but just as alive.

It is a city full of young people, walking up and down the streets from morning till late at night. A lot of bars, reataurants at each corner, good food, sangria, warm weather, parks, noisy streets, good subway connections, Inditex – the summary of Madrid’s life.

It can be easily seen in just a couple of days. During our first day, we decided just to take a city walk and we ended up seeing most of the important landmarks. 

1. Palacio Real – impressive arhitecture and stunning rooms which are opened for visiting; breath taking panoramic view of the city from its main courtyard. Price EUR 11 per person plus EUR 3 for audio guide (if you like; please note that they ask for a credit card just for guarantee for the audio guide; I gave them a card which had no money on it and it was ok).

Metro station: Opera (therefore you can also see the Opera).

Near Palacio Real, you can find a very colorful building with an old cafe. The mix of colors is just so cute💜❤.

2. Puerta de Alcala and Retiro Park – One of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen. We arrived around lunch time and the park was full of people. There were a lot of people jogging (a lot lot), having a picnic on the grass, sleeping on benches and enjoying the warm sun or taking a boat ride on the lake. 

Metro station: Retiro

And it’s free!:)

3. Palacio de Cristal – a pure crystal beauty. Massive construction made of glass which provides its viewers with a playful show of colors which are reflected by the sun. It can be found near the lake in Retiro Park and it is free to visit🔝

4. Metropolis building – just a quick walk from Retiro Park. It is also at one of Gran Via’s ends. 

Metro station: Banca de Espana

5. Capitol building -for Metropolis building, you go up Gran Via and in about 10 min you have reached your destionation. This is also the shopping area❤❤❤

It reminds me a little of Times Square due to the big screens with colorful commercials that are put out in this area. Fortunately, this place is not that crowded as Times Square:) If you continue your way down the street, passing Capitol building you will reach the Opera and, later on, Palacio Real. So that wraps it up!

Metro station: Castello

Interest points: Starbucks, Primark, HM, Lefties, Zara, Mango, Bershka, Corte Ingles. 

6. Puerta del Sol (km 0) and the Bear and Madrono tree 🐻. They can be found a couple of meters left of Capitol building. Everything here is very compact – a thing that I personnaly love about a city.

Metro station: Sol

So, in order to sum up, around 6-7 hours of pure visiting and a cost of EUR 23 (entrance fee for Palacio Real and metro ticket for 10 trips), excluding food and drinks.

I know that a picture can say a lot of words, but in the case of Madrid this is not true. These pictures didn’t capture half of this city’s beauty. You have to wonder the streets to really experience Madrid. For me, after Barcelona, it is the second city I would move to in a heart beat❤ What can you not love? The warm weather, the kind spanish people, the shops, the food, the nightlife? It is also a perfec for a city break, as you can cover it by footg in 3-4 days easily.

Let me know if you are planning a trip to Madrid and you need some info 😎 🔜 a post about good food will be uploaded. 

Stay tuned,


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