Most wanted bags

Fashion is not all about clothes and shoes, but also accessories.  The perfect bag is the cherry on top for creating the “outfit of the day”. But how do the most wanted bags of 2016/2017 look like?

After a long research of best dressed bloggers and instagram queens’ ootd, three bags are definitely the stars of the show. Simple, but stylish, colorful, these luxurious accesories are the last touch of an urban outfitter. Proceed with caution, as they are worth just about a 3 weeks trip from Romania to USA. Without further ado my top 3 most wanted bags🌟🌟🌟:

1. Gucci bags – downside “U” signature buckle, amazing for the different textures and designs; if you are lucky enough to win the lottery, you can afford a precious bag like this🔝😎

2. Chloe bags – round ring signature chain, awsome for all the wonderful colors to choose from. They go perfect with electric colored oversized sweaters and metallic skirts👌🏻

3. Gucci bag – again! – burgundy suede little bag with the labeled buckle

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such beauties so what is there to do for the rest of us simple mortals? Try to find an alternative. If you aren’t into labeled items, you can search a more down to earth solution. Yes, I am talking about replicas from affordable local shops (not fake branded ones, but something that resembles the original ones). I am happy to go with replicas, because I fall in love with the item and not the label. And EUR 30 or even 150 sounds a hell lot better than EUR 3,000!!!😱

For my top 3, I am still in search of no.1, but the second is already part of my bag collection❤ and the third on my wish list🔜.

So what to you think of my alternatives? Don’t forget to follow me for more posts and check out my insta account: ralucisb🤗😘



Original version

Alternative version 

Original version

Alternative version

Note: not all photos are mine; credits: pintrest and instagram

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