Paint me like one of your french girls

Paris is always a good idea, until the whole world goes insane and you find yourself eating your croissant in plain open fire. Sadly, the romantic and idilic portrait of Paris is replaced with fear and terror. So what should I do to overcome the nostalgia of “we will always have Paris”?

Fortunately, I was born in Bucharest – the city also called “little Paris”. For me this is the city of love, because it’s the place where I fell in love with my family and my friends (and you guys know who you are, no need for Oscar thank you lists😘). 

My parents told me that I can be whoever I choose to be, so why not be french for a day? (or at least feel like one). The idea started from a hat which I found in the back of my closet, bought during my autumn holiday in Paris. One item led to another and an ordinary Sunday turned into a special one.💕

The plan for the day was simple: breakfast at Paul’s (macarons included), a  walk through Herastrau park and Kiseleff boulevard, passing along L’Arc de Triomphe, just enough to make room for lunch at Joseph Hadad (one of the best restaurants in Bucharest). To get into character, the outfit was also in line whith the parisian theme of the day. Commitment till the end!

I am young, happy and in love and my imagination knows no limit. If you can’t get to Paris, bring Paris to you🤗 

So, dear Life, paint me like one of your french girls!



Note: only photos revealing a real life person are mine:)

Follow me on Instagram for more photos (ralucisb)😎🌟

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