Normal is boring

Back in the day, women were considered absurd if they wanted to wear pants. Society rules were very strict concerning fashion and the notion of something newly created was always accompanied by a lot of fuss and sharp judgment. Thank God those days are over!

Fashion nowadays is all about breaking all the rules and daring to go the extra mile. The words new and iconic are ecoing in the ears of every designer many times throughout the year, as competition is getting higher and higher. But how far are you willing to go? This brings me to the subject of the post: Gucci’s furry loafers!😱😱😱

Since Fall2016, I noticed an increasing trend of these weird looking shoes, being highly promoted by worlwide fashion bloggers. They seem to be an ugraded model of grandma’s sleeping slippers, however nobody has a problem with that because they are so cool! 

Cool reason no.1:  You can mix them with almost everything: from casual jeans to girly girl skirts. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong as most people won’t go above your feet:) Leaving haters aside, how cool to npt have to worry about what shoes to wear and whether they are comfy or not – these will always be comfy (at least they seem to be).

Cool reason no.2: “Fashion doesn’t have season” – apparently these loafers come in handy even if its freezing outside. Rainy chilly autumn days or even winter don’t stand a chance in the face of long coats and warm sweaters (extras should be taken into consideration) and these “peep heel” shoes (hoping that the mule or kangaroo fur is going to keep your feet warm). In Romania we have a saying: “Baba sufera la frumusete/The old lady suffers in the name of beauty”. This seems like a case of suffering in the name of fashion.

Cool reason no.3: You have a hell of a job, that pays enough in order to buy these Gucci loafers. So be very thankful! These grandma looking shoes are no less than “the little amount” of EUR 800. But what is this price for a real fashionista? (I think food can wait for a couple of months😂) 

‘I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!’ 

Carrie Bradshaw

The conclusion is simple, normal is just boring. We don’t do things like we are supposed to do, but we live by our own rules. One can choose clothes over food, grandma shoes over flats and the world won’t stand still. People go for crazy things because it’s fun!
So what do you think about these loafers? Would you be brave enough to walk down the street with your chin up, proudly wearing your Gucci fur loafers? Or do you think that these women have lost their minds?



Note: none of the photos are mine, source:pintrest

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