Sweet Madness

The last post was about fantastic brunch places and where to find them. This post is about food at another level, the maximum number of calories possible 😱😱😱.

A new place opened in Bucharest in the famous old town, on French street. So whenever you get the chance to wonder across those narrow paved streets in the old town, take a look inside CoffeΓΆl and be prepared to start drooling (it is quite easy to see what kind of abomination people are drinking because the small hipsterish place has enourmous windows – you can’t miss it even if you try- very clever advertising).

I must say that the place is crawling mostly with women, loudly stating that a girl can’t say no to candy! ❀ 

Source:  Pinterest

By using the false argument that we have a day off and everything is permitted, me and my friends went to see what the fuss was all about and taste the famous drinks. No words are needed, the photos can talk for themselves. Prices – avg EUR 6 (including water, must buy water!!! because you will die of too much sugar). Proceed scrolling with causion: not for the weak hearted!πŸš‘

Needless to say, afterwards we felt the urge to walk for about an hour to try to lose at least the equivalent of a tea spoon of that heavenly drink. Ofc a marathon would seem like a proper solution…

Source: Pintrest

So, if you are in search of a cool new place with amazing “instagram” drinks, this is it! (not the place though, if you have blood sugar issues). You can also find it in Brasov or Ploiesti.

Happy, but ashamed (just a little bit 😈)


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