Fantastic Brunch places and where to find them! Part I

Weekend mornings are meant for two things only: sleeping ’till noon and brunch!☕️🍳🥐🥞 If you are looking for the best brunch places in Bucharest, this post will present you with some of the finest restaurants for a late breakfast.

I must say that I love brunch. I cannot picture a Saturaday or Sunday without it, it wouldn’t even be a good start to the weekend! The madness started with a trip to Paris, a couple of year ago, where I met a friend who took me on a Saturday to a tiny place, a true hidden gem, out of the beaten paths of tourists that was famous for brunch – “Le loir dans la theiere”. We encountered a huge line that went all the way down the street, stating the obvious that this place was worth it. But what was all the fuss about?

Four words: Eggs, Coffee, Dessert and Friends. Brunch is more than a mix between breakfast and lunch, it is the moment when you get to eat the best benedict or scrambled eggs or croque madame sandwich, pancakes, drink your freshly squeezed orange juice or drink a hell of a cappucino, surrounded by your friends, catching up and laughing at funny stories. 

To fully understand brunch, you have to taste and try the best of the best. Bucharest is a city thay is quickly adapting to the modern european lifestyle, so brunch places quickly appeared. The pros are that you have options, the cons that not all of them are good.

In the list below, I will present my top 3 brunch places in Bucharest, after a long research😎 The top is based on the quality of food and the price paid. So for the best eggs and pancakes, in my opinion:

1. Arc Bakery – best eggs benedict, croissants and patisserie items, caramel latte and sandwiches; price range per brunch EUR 10.

The restaurant is located in the north area of Bucharest, overlooking the Arch of Triumph and Herastrau Park. The owner worked a couple of years in France, so he really knows his food👌🏻🤗 and he is always there to greet you with a warm welcome and make you feel at home. So extra points for atmosphere and service!

2. Fratellini – great scrambled eggs with feta cheese and beet, good coffee and american pancakes; price range per brunch EUR 10-15. 

The restaurant is located in a quite area in the north of Bucharest. It has a lovely interior design and from spring till autumn you can enjoy your brunch outside on the terrase. The restaurant is part of a large chain of restaurants and clubs, very appreciated for their concept and design such as: Biutiful or Fratelli.

3. Rue de pain – good benedict eggs, croque madame, good coffee and amazing granola parfait! (perfect combination of yoghourt, granola and fresh fruits); price range per brunch EUR 10-15.

The restaurant is pretty basic, being focused more on the quality of food than the service (if you get your order right or within half an hour then you are a lucky person). But for brunch addicts, we get whatever they bring us, because everything tastes good here. Another aspect to mention is that the place is very vivid and loud, as it is a well known location and is all the time full (many kids also, so if you like to have your coffee in peace and quiet, it’s definitely not the place for you).

Stay tunned for the next post about brunch were I’ll tell you all about other great locations for weekend mornings.



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