Me, myself and I

Busy, busy, busy. This is how I usually answer to the question “How are you?”. I’m caught in a vicious circle, like all of you, where I have to get up in the morning, go to work for 10h, get home, take care of housing things, go to bed aaaand repeat. 

The weekends are again busy because I have to take care of all the things I couldn’t do during the week: go shopping for the house because you ran out of x and y, go to mom and dad’s because you haven’t seen them in a week and you were too busy to talk to them on the phone, clean the house, wash clothes, catch up with some friends to feel that you still have a life and BOOM! weekend is over…and no time for myself.

Thus, once in a while, I put everything on hold and allow some time for me, myself and I. We all have to learn to love ourselves, even if it’s the hardest thing we ever do.

My best friend recommended one of the best high standard spa, which fortunately exists also in Bucharest, Shiseido Spa at Stejarii Country Club. The spa is a high quality facility that offers all sorts of relaxing and beauty treatments. I wanted to try something new – The Vichy shower experience. It’s a controversial experience, where you enter in a dark, foggy room (like a sauna), you lie down on a massage bed, face down and a warm shower gently pours water, with different intensities, on your back. The therapist performs a gentle body scurb (you get to choose from different delicious aromas) and, from time to time, surprises your senses by adding crushed ice. Even if it sounds terrifying – the thought of someone putting ice on your warm body – I can assure you the feeling is great and doesn’t cause any disconfort. Instead it leaves you with a smile on yout face and with a desire to ask: “can we do that again?”. 

I have to mention that this is a luxurious spa, where all amenities, from the locker room to the therapists and up to the relaxation area,are at european high-standard levels. You feel like you’ve suddenly left Romania and arrived in Switzerland. Of course, I cannot hide that prices are medium to high for just one treatment (starting from EUR 40-50), which makes it difficult for an average worker to afford a weekly or even monthly visit. However, from time to time you must give yourself a treat and feel like you are worth it👑 I can tell you that this spa day was amazing and you mustn’t overlook that, in the price of a treatment, you get to relax for as long as you want at the swimming pool – an area purrfectly designed for you to escape your worries and just be with yourself. I promissed myself that I will find time to come back for more wonderful experiences at Shiseido Spa. If I didn’t convince you, maybe the photos below will.



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