I would like my Winter hot, please!

Everyone that knows me can testify that I’m not a winter person. I enjoy the snow, the Christmasy picture that it creates, but that’s about it. I cannot leave the house like a decent person, instead I have to add layers upon layers of clothes, followed by a big fluffy scarf and, of course, the signature knitted beanie. Bottom line, when I go out, I can bearely move and see, so you got the picture.

This year due to insufficient funds, I decided to stay home. Small vacation planned for February but, until then, I still have to endure the ice age period.

Lying comfortably in my bed, underneath a cozy blanket, sipping my coffee and holding my laptop, I day dream of warm sunny places, being jelous of people that are currntly visiting exotic places such as Thailand, Vietnam or the Mauritius Islands.Although I’ve never been to these places, I’m going to share with you my experince in a wonderful small island country in the Indian Ocean – Maldives.

Maldives – heaven on earth

Maldives is a luxurious destination, however it can be an option if you choose to go out of season, like I did. Top season for Maldives is the during winter period, but summer holidays are about 50% off (summer sale!!!), mostly because of its rainy season.

However, considering that, even at a discount, this vacation is not something I could do every year, I decided to take a chance and go during the summer season. I can tell you that out of 7 days, it rained 3 times during the day  (lasting 1 or 2 hours tops) and 3 times during the night (so no problem for me). However, the summer showers were refreshing and pleasant, causing only minor disconfort and leaving the air cooler.

So I booked a plane ticket, leaving from Romania to Dubai and afterwards from Dubau to Male, the capital of the Maldives, a small island-city located on one of the countries large atols (islands made of corals). Another tip for lower prices is to go with Fly Dubai, however the downside it that your flight might get delayed (as it is a low-cost airline) and you wind up staying in Dubai’s airport at Paul’s for 5 hours instead of 3…..

When you get to Male, after about 5-6 hours, you’ll have a shock of how the airport looks like. It’s like they are building it right now:)). So after two flights (Romania-Dubai-Male), you get the chance to fly again to your island (depending on the distance to the island, your options include airplane, hydro-airplane or boat; in my case there was a plane). The distance is small, so the sooner you are up in the sky, the faster you land at your final destination (approx. 0.5h). The stewards are incredible nice (locals) and, even for this half an hour flight, they show you the safety instructions, they give you water and a cookie. The adventure continued, because after landing, a boat was waiting in order to ensure the transfer to the hotel.

So, after approx. a day, I’ve reached my destination. It may seem extremely exhausting (and it was), but it was worth it! (every minute and every penny).

The minute you step foot on the soft beach, you feel like you’re in heaven: white sand, light blue sea, huge palm trees, coconut welcome drinks ❤ The island is all yours, as each island hosts only one hotel.

It is a destination for relaxation, or, if you have the money, for several interesting activities (swimming with catfish, sharks, turtles – each approx. EUR 300/400). As it was too expensive for me, I was more than satisfied with the free services offered: sunbathing, swimming, eating and sleeping 💕

The hotel where I stayed had 3 meals a day included in the package, with a generous open buffet and a wide range of fresh vegetables, fruit and fish, but also live cooking stations where delicious courses were prepared right in front of your eyes! 🍽

In conclusion, please find below the pro’s and con’s for going to Maldives:


+ acceptable budget for a 7 days vacation during summer including transportation, spacious private cabin in front of the sea with large terrace and luxurious bathroom, 3 meals per day (EUR 1,500; additional EUR 200 for drinks – not included in the price)

+ total relaxation

+ cristal clear blue water; a wide range of corals and small colored exotic fish can be seen very clear (snorkeling is a must!)

+ excellent services

+ a life experience (when you’re still young and free to roam the world)

+ no vaccines needed


– getting there

– flight delays

– expensive activities

– if you get bored easily, not a place for you (more of a romantic vacation than an adventurous destination)

– more expensive during winter

– it can rain during summer (but you can be lucky and it will be for a short period of time)

Definitely not a winter destination due to the budget, but an excellent alternative for summer. If I didn’t convince you, maybe the photos will.

If you have tips on how to spend a luxurious vacation with less money, please feel free to share with the rest of us 🤗 Maybe you will help me plan my winter escape vacation for this year ✈️



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