Fishnets you say?!?

Latest fashion trends show an incredible interest for large fishnet tights. Most commonly these fashion accessories are associated with indecent behaviour of rather unconventional women:) However, the 21st century is all about being bold, sexy, unconventional and about creating your own style, right?

From matching these tights to a sexy dress, to a punk rock look, you can’t go wrong with them 😎.

However, I must pin point a funny aspect of this fashion item: how you put them on and how you get them off:) Nobody says this, but it’s hard and annoying as hell. It takes me around 5 minutes to put them on (at first it felt like 15), because they are extremely fragile (just hanging on a couple of threads) and when you get them over the knees, the hosiery starts to roll up and it gets complicated to get them up to your waist…it is so frustrating because you are almost there, but not there yet and you start sweating and you want to pull them straight up but noo, you know you can’t because that will ruin your outfit (not to mention you paid for these tights). But in the end, they are totally worth it.

For my look, I decided to go with a punk rock outfit: both with a skirts and also with ripped jeans and just to add a little more sugar and spice I took out my new “Game on” hat, which I simply love. The small details make the difference.

Which outfit do you like more? 



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