Winter is here🌬❄️

I must say that 2016 passed in a blink of an eye and I find myself at the beginning of 2017. January for me is the black month, if I think back on the shopping spree madness which occured in December and also the start of sales season (I go insane only at hearing the word sales 🙀🙀🙀).

Considering that my assets are either frozen (a deposit is always a good idea for keeping me away from Zara), I’m trying to be, for the first time, a rational consumer. Although, I must admit that I’ve sinned a little with a petite dress and a wooly sweater and some bags (but we’ll pretend that it didn’t happen 😇).

As an alternative to a walk through a modern park (called nowadays the Mall), I decided to really get some fresh air and visit a very nice place in Bucharest – The Peasant Museum (and the admission fee is only EUR 2,5 – a lot cheaper than a stroll through the shops).

Chilly with a mix of frost, this is the perfect weather for my sweather dress. It’s so simple to get the outfit of the day simply by throwing on a white long-knitted dress, boots, matching belt and white beanie hat ❄️ Of course, a long coat must be taken into consideration (but for the sake of the photos, I decided not to wear it, but instead go with the human popsicle version).

Now I’m ready to be the frozen queen and start singing “Let it go”❄️👑☃️ (my favourite Disney movie). Kidding (or not!)… You can find below some pictures of the winter look (“🎤conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know🎤”that you are freezing”🌬)



2 thoughts on “Winter is here🌬❄️

  1. Even you are not dressed like a peasant….you are part of the atmosphere of the Peasant Museum:) Really, we should leave the Malls and spend some time with Winter.


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